Fix Your Chipped Tooth

by admin on August 10, 2013

Fix Your Chipped Tooth

These days, almost everyone knows just how difficult it can be to find a dentist, especially when you need to have cosmetic dentistry performed. This is because many dentists are not willing to perform these procedures and when they do, they often charge exorbitant amounts for simple procedures. The good news is that your local Bend cosmetic dentist will be able to perform most forms of cosmetic dental surgery at very competitive prices compared to other dentists.

What Your Bend Cosmetic Dentist is Able to Perform

Although many dentists are not able to perform a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures, your Bend cosmetic dentist is able to attend to almost all of your dental needs in one place. We are able to do dental bonding, apply veneers and even fix chipped teeth here at our offices. So there is no need for a patient to struggle with damaged teeth any longer. Whether a patient needs a few white fillings or a full set of dentures, our Bend cosmetic dentist will be able to assist them. We offer professional cleaning services so patients can once again be proud to show off their stunning white smiles wherever they go. We also offer advice to our patients regarding the best forms of care for their teeth and gums.

Let Your Bend Cosmetic Dentist Perform a Smile Make-Over

There are many patients out there that don’t even realize that there is dental help at hand for their crooked teeth. By paying us a visit at Bend dentistry, we will be able to inform you of all of your available options regarding tooth straightening or other forms of cosmetic dental work. Whether a patient needs to fix a chipped tooth or whether they need to have teeth aligned, they simply need to pop into our offices and request a consultation. Once the patient has explored all of their available options, they can then make an appointment to have their requested cosmetic dental procedures performed and we will ensure that they receive professional service at affordable prices.

Fixing Chipped or Broken Teeth is Easy for Your Bend Cosmetic Dentist

When it comes to dental repair work, your Bend cosmetic dentist will be able to assist you. We specialize in repairing chipped teeth and in some cases, we are even able to repair broken teeth by using a cap or crown. We will do everything possible to try and saved a broken or chipped tooth, as we know just how important it is for our patients to have a perfect smile. Once we have repaired any damaged teeth, the repair work is usually almost invisible, so patients need not worry about unsightly fillings or crowns afterwards. Once a patient has consulted with our Bend cosmetic dentist and had dental work done on their teeth, they will soon see that we offer the best service in the Bend area.

What About Cosmetic Dentistry and Children?

Many parents are aware of just how badly a child can be teased if they have some form of imperfection. This is especially true for children who may have crooked teeth or buck teeth. By addressing the problem at a young age, you will be able to prevent your child from being teased mercilessly about an imperfection that they themselves have no control over. In many cases, teeth can be straightened by wearing braces for a year or two. Because braces have actually become quite the fashion commodity over the past few years, you will be able to turn your child’s teasing into admiration because they will have something that other kids want while also getting their teeth straightened.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Existing Health Conditions

Although not always considered, it is important for patients who suffer from existing health conditions to advise their Bend cosmetic dentist prior to having any dental work done, especially if anesthetic is required. The reason for this is because patients who suffer from certain heart conditions or other conditions that affect the heart may experience adverse or even fatal side effects from the anesthetic. By informing your dentist beforehand, you will be able to ensure that they use the appropriate anesthetic product that will not have any effect on your existing health conditions. No matter what a patient’s pre-existing health conditions may be, they need to ensure that their dentist is aware of them.

By investing in their looks, dental patients can ensure that they are able to boost their levels of self-confidence substantially. Because certain cosmetic dental procedures are not covered by most health plans, it is important for patients to inquire about this beforehand so that alternative payment plans can be discussed or arranged. In some cases, your dentist will be able to arrange a private payment plan for you.


Gingivitis: Brush and Floss

by admin on May 26, 2013

Gingivitis: Brush and Floss
Gingivitis is a painful gum disease characterized by inflammation around the teeth. This is one of many periodontal diseases that can affect the tissues around the teeth, including the bone, soft tissue, and gums. At Bend Family Dentist, we can help to determine your risk for gingivitis and help you to come up with a plan to prevent it, which most commonly consists of regular teeth brushing and flossing.

Overview of Gingivitis
Gingivitis is a form of periodontitis, and it is a common cause of gum disease. Periodontal diseases range from mild gingivitis to periodontitis, which is the most severe, and they are classified by their severity. The mouth is a perfect place for bacteria to live, and these bacteria can cause inflammation of the gums. Gingivitis results from an infection that occurs when these bacteria invade the mouth.

Gingivitis Causes
In order for gingivitis to form, plaque needs to accumulate between the teeth. Bend Family Dentistry can help patients by examining their teeth regularly and removing that dangerous plaque. Typically people will have an underlying medical condition in order to make their immune system more susceptible to the disease, and Bend Family Dentist can help to identify these issues. Hormonal changes and certain medications can also cause gingivitis.

Gingivitis Symptoms
Patients that experience any of the symptoms of gingivitis should visit Bend Cosmetic Dentist immediately. These symptoms include painful, red, swollen, or bleeding gums. Bad breath and discolored gums can also be a sign of this condition, as gums that were previously pink will begin to turn a brighter red color as they recede. Inflammation also accounts for most of the symptoms of gingivitis, as this occurs when bacteria begin to invade the gums.

Treating Gingivitis
The best way to treat gingivitis is to prevent it before it occurs. This can be done with regular and consistent brushing and flossing. Regular Bend Family Dentistry visits are useful in removing plaque buildup, as this is necessary in order to prevent gingivitis. Once this plaque is removed it is important to continue with a regular brushing routine in order to minimize the formation of new plaque. Plaque will continue to form even with good dental hygiene.

When to Visit Bend Family Dentistry
Regular visits to Bend Dentist can prevent the development of gingivitis. If regular dental care is not received, gingivitis can turn into periodontitis which is a more severe infection. This disease affects the gums along with adjacent tissue, including the bone, neck, or face. This can result in loose teeth, swollen lymph nodes, bleeding, pain, and a loss of periodontal architecture. Bend Family Dentistry can also diagnose gingivitis by performing an oral examinations and taking tissue samples, x-rays, and blood work in order to find an appropriate treatment plan.

Gingivitis is a periodontal disease that can be detrimental to a person’s health. It consists of inflammation of the gums around the teeth. At Bend Family Dentist, patients will get the treatment they need in order to prevent this disease or to treat it if symptoms have already begun.


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